Pentrich Brewing Co.

The idea of Pentrich Brewing Co was born in 2013, when we (Joe & Ryan) decided to start dabbling in homebrewing. We'd brew once a week, and each brew day would be accompanied with some craft beers of inspiration (which we of course drank after the brewing process...mostly). We spent months and months repeatedly brewing, striving to produce beers that we felt could one day hold their own in the vast world outside our ever so small garage.
After about a year and a half of tireless experimenting, depleted bank balances and more beer than we could physically drink, we finally felt we were ready... However... breweries are bloody expensive!

As fate would have it, we met Mike of Landlocked Brewery fame in mid-2014 and he was kind enough to offer us the chance to cuckoo brew on his brewing kit. So we scraped together the last of our cash and bought ourselves a 1000 litre fermenter that we could home there.
It was here that we spent our time brewing from Nov 2014-Oct 2015, going from 40 litre to 800 litre batches. And we all had a whole lot of fun on the way!
After much encouraging feedback on the brews we were producing and that ever burning desire to go full time, we decided that it was time to take the next step...*serious face*

In Oct 2015 we did our final brew at Landlocked and we started planning our move in to our own premises. In a giant leap of faith we both quit our jobs and after 5 painstaking months of renovations and restructuring, we commenced brewing full time on our 6BBL system in spring 2016.

Here's to the next chapter! Cheers
Pentrich Brewing Co. - Sweater Weather
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Pentrich Brewing Co. - Police The Airwaves
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Pentrich Brewing Co. - Heavy Glimmer
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Pentrich Brewing Co. - Milk Of The Pearl
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Pentrich Brewing Co. - Sonic Reducer
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Pentrich Brewing Co. - Truckasaurus
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Pentrich Brewing Co. - Old Man Patterson
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Pentrich Brewing Co. - Crimes In Citra
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