Twisted Wheel Brew Co.

We opened our family-run brewery in October, 2019. We assembled a great team with a wealth of experience and set about brewing some of the best beer we’ve ever made. Testament to our beer we quickly established a loyal following supplying to pubs throughout England and Wales.

Not a bad start for a micro-brewery situated down a pot-holed farm track in Wigan. We had a full beer calendar planned for 2020 – an exciting range of cask and keg along with cans and bottles. But then the unexpected happened – Coronavirus. So the rug was pulled from under our feet as we were just getting into our stride.

As a lot of businesses have had to do, we’ve changed our focus for the short-term and are now concentrating on packaged beer delivered to your door.

Now the lockdown is lifted we’re back stronger than ever, with the brewery now capable of doubling our capacity, supplying our loyal customers the best beer possible, whether that’s pubs or our new found fans at home.

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