Good Karma Beer Co.

We’re part of a culture shift towards a more sustainable, diverse and equal society.

Our alcohol-free brewing journey started back in 2016 though in 2018 life had its own plans but hey we are back pumped and excited to be brewing beer styles that we love, something for everyone again.

We’re beer lovers at heart, and we’re going to be brewing styles we like to drink, from Belgian, German classics to styles close to home…. So hold on to your hats!

One thing that’s crucial in what we will do is brew beers that are made traditionally without any unnecessary fancy processes or even need any additions like lactose.

Mindfulness is everywhere; we have become more aware of our mental health and emotional state even more, especially with the recent global pandemic. Today when we ask ‘are you ok’ we actually mean it! That’s what difficult times do; they bring out the best of us.

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