Waterton's Reserve - Charley's Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur 50cl

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This tale of festive flavours starts with a traditional 19th Century, Victorian era gin that is then lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar before it is fused into a Christmas Carol of rich dark chocolate, zesty orange and a golden Christmas shimmer.

Crafted in a very, very small batch using traditional alembic copper pot still at the heart of Yorkshire's Old West Riding.

A classic 19th century gin finished with a contemporary fusion of flavours. Inspired by the wanderings of 19th Century conservationist and explorer, Charles Waterton and the festive tales of Victorian novelist Charles Dickens.

Our limited edition Christmas Carol gin is hand crafted in our traditional alembic copper pot stills at our Yorkshire distillery, blended with the finest Yorkshire spring water, fused with the festive flavours of rich dark chocolate & zesty orange and filled with golden Christmas shimmer.






Barnsley, England


Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur