Docks Beers

Docks Beers is the son of Axholme Brewing Co which was founded in 2013 and started brewing real ales in Crowle, North Lincolnshire.

In 2017, after making hundreds of different beers in styles old and new, and honing our brewing skills in pursuit of ever better beer, we decided it was time to build a craft beer brand. And so we set about constructing our new brewery from the ground up in a Grimsby Church. One year later Docks Beers was born.

Many of the team are sons and daughters of Grimsby. We brew close to the town’s famous Docks and our brewing is inspired both by our location and the hard work ethic of dockers past, present and future. We’re proud of these roots and take the same approach to our brewing which is why we always endeavour to put the graft in craft beer.

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