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We seem to be on a never-ending quest to create the perfect pale ale here at Polly’s; there’s just something exceptionally welcoming about a beer that isn’t frightening on the ABV, won’t blow your palate to pieces with hop intensity, and holds its own enough to keep people coming back for more and more. Quik – named for the snowboarding GoPro videos our owner Sean loves to play in the background whilst he’s working; we’ve played around with our water profile just a touch to soften the mouthfeel significantly so it’s as soft as an untouched powdery piste. Featuring a pyramid dry hop bill of Loral, Mosaic and Sabro for a new school juice explosion, and just a whisper of whirlpooled Loral bitterness, we feel we’ve edged ever so closer on that quest with this beer.






North Wales


Pale Ale