Nightjar Brew Co.

Nightjar Brew Co is the brand created by the team behind Slightly Foxed, established in 2011. This is a continuation of business – not one company going ‘under’ to re-emerge as another – same AWRS, VAT number, company number etc. After many successful years creating award-winning and popular cask beers, the brewery took a decision to undertake a significant rejuvenation.

But unlike a new entrant into the market, we come with many years of knowledge, learning, innovation, and expertise that’s mandatory for crafting a product that customers in 2018 are seeking out and expecting.

  • New beers
  • New formats (keg and cask)
  • New kit
  • New brand

Our new range of cask and keg beers have been designed and created to reflect the significant and positive changes that the industry has seen in recent years. West Coast pales, full bodied and flavour rich darks, cutting edge New Zealand hops, a crisp, fast selling session beer that’s blonde, not bland. We are launching with a solid and tested core range, backed up by regularly available beers. We also have seasonal specials, coupled with exciting one off’s. All of which are crafted with the same skill and attention to detail leading to a product that is innovative but commercially viable.

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