Rare Bird - 3x 5cl Gift Set

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A beautiful gift set containing 3x5cl bottles Rare Bird of gin.

Rare Bird's London Dry Gin is distilled with a selection of the world’s finest botanicals sourced from across Europe, including juniper, rosemary, hibiscus and citrus. Crafted to taste beautifully smooth and balanced, it is perfect for a luxurious gin and tonic. Add a fruit of your choice, such as lemon, lime, red grapefruit or orange to enhance the character of this delicious drink.

Made using real pieces of rhubarb and a base of our London dry, this Gin packs a punch, with a strong Rhubarb hit and a warm end of Ginger. This one is different to the others you may have tried, it is sugar free, meaning a wamer flavour, and a stronger taste. Add a sugared tonic and a slice of orange and you have a wonderful seasonal tipple.

Skilfully capturing the flavours of a spiced rum, and incorporating them into a gin, is what this drink is all about.

Finest quality bourbon vanilla, is meticulously combined with clove, star anise, ginger and allspice, giving a delicate spicy heat; the spice notes gently giving way to an elegant, warm vanilla finish. The deep luxurious colour and enticing aroma further highlights the beauty of this drink.






Malton, England


London Dry Gin, Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, Spiced Vanilla Gin