Whitby Gin - The Original Edition - 5cl / 42%

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Whitby Distillery - On the isolated North Yorkshire coast sits Whitby - a place enveloped by ancient woodlands, majestic moors and the wild north sea. Thickets of thorned vines entwine, full of vigour to face the elements until ready to fruit and bask in the summer sun.

Whitby Gin, The Original Edition is a true taste of home, distilled with locally foraged sugar kelp, heather and honey for a bold yet balanced flavour. The Original Edition is the gin that the distillers thought their home town deserved. The distillers spent many months developing the award-winning flavour combination which marries 12 traditional gin botanicals with their signature ingredients.

The gin has initial sweetness of honey subtly balanced with a saline anchor of sugar kelp. Texturally smooth, the rolling savoury notes of heather and juniper follow with a sustaining warmth and lasting freshness.

Perfect serve - Fever-tree Mediterranean tonic water with a slice of pink grapefruit & a sprig of fresh rosemary.

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