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We’re very aware of how much we bang on about it, but we really do feel that there’s a certain something to our beers that make them uniquely Polly’s. Since we stumbled upon a technique recently to dry-hop our beers at colder temperatures, rather than our fermenting temperatures, we feel our beers have been boosted up a level even further. This technique is on full display with Approaching Back; a two hop showcase of Simcoe and Talus – two absolutely incredible but complex hops. Thanks to a generous addition of 35kg split 85/15 in Simcoe’s favour, we’ve been able to accentuate the delicate characteristics of both stateside slammers; bringing the berry, apricot and passionfruit flavours of Simcoe to the front backed up with the rosewater, and pink grapefruit notes from Talus.






North Wales