Harrogate Tipple - Rhubarb Gin 50cl / 43%

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Harrogate Tipple is a family-run, small batch distillery based in the beautiful Ripley Castle Estate in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Most of the botanicals are grown in the 750-year-old gardens within the Castle walls due to their passion about their location, the environment and keeping everything as local as possible.

Reminiscing their grandmothers’ crumbles, they were inspired by the abundance of this vibrant plant in the gardens of Ripley Castle. Handpicked rhubarb is distilled with limes grown in the Victorian Hot House and fresh ginger root. Delicate English Rose and Harrogate Spring Water complement the aromas of this British Rhubarb Harrogate Gin creating a taste of true distinction.

Suggested pairing - light tonic or ginger ale.

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