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This is a beautiful gift set consisting of Whitby Original 5cl, York Gin Grey Lady 5cl, Sloemotion Distillery, Hedgerow  Rhubarb & Raspberry Gin 5cl in a beautiful presentation gift box.

Whitby Original 42% - The Original Edition is a true taste of home, distilled with locally foraged sugar kelp, heather and honey for a bold yet balanced flavour. The Original Edition is the gin that the distillers thought their home town deserved. The distillers spent many months developing the award-winning flavour combination which marries 12 traditional gin botanicals with their signature ingredients.  The gin has initial sweetness of honey subtly balanced with a saline anchor of sugar kelp. Texturally smooth, the rolling savoury notes of heather and juniper follow with a sustaining warmth and lasting freshness.

York Gin Grey Lady 42.5% - York is known as Europe’s most haunted city. It is said that legions of ghosts haunt the ancient city’s pubs, streets, hotels ... and theatres. One of the most famous of these ghosts is the Grey Lady, a friendly spectre said to haunt York Theatre Royal, adjoining the city’s De Grey Rooms. York Gin Grey Lady is a London Dry gin, distilled with Earl Grey tea and infused with pea flower to create a hauntingly spectral blue-grey hue. The delightfully subtle citrus from the bergamot in the Earl Grey complements the delicate shade of the gin to make this a favourite with many York Gin fans.

Sloemotion Distillery, Hedgerow  Rhubarb & Raspberry Gin 40% - Made with the iconic Yorkshire crop. Whilst a lot of rhubarb gins are sweetened, Sloemotion do not add any sugar allowing the tangy sharpness of the crimson stems to mingle with the pleasant fruitiness of raspberries and the hedgerow botanicals. Make no mistake this is a dry gin. 


40, 42, 42.5%




Yorkshire, England


Flavoured Gin, Dry Gin, Old Tom Gin