Gin Gift Set - Mixed Berries 3x 5cl (1)

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This is a beautiful gift set consisting of J P Adlam, Blackberry, Raspberry & Grape 5cl, Harrogate Tipple - Gooseberry 5cl and True North Sheffield Gin Moorland Berries 5cl presented in a beautiful gift box.

J P Adlam - Blackberry, Raspberry & Grape 41.5% - An award winning gin soaked with luscious fruit and grape juice to produce a refreshing fruit gin which packs a punch. Perfect over ice, or with a light tonic. For a special bellini, try with Prosecco.

Harrogate Tipple - Gooseberry 43% - Traditional Yorkshire Gooseberries are handpicked from their very own gooseberry bush. They're distilled with delicate botanicals including lavender and finished exclusively with Harrogate Spring Water. Garden Sorrel Roots help give the gin its wonderful character and unique green hue. Enjoy Gooseberry Harrogate Gin with the tonic of your choice or a light or floral tonic.

True North Sheffield Gin Moorland Berries 40% - Distilled blending hand-picked blueberries, cranberries and blackberries, available from Sheffield’s surrounding moors and heathlands.



40, 41.5, 43%




Yorkshire, England


Flavoured Gin