Brindle Distillery - Cuckoo Collection Gin 3x20cl Gift set

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The collection consists of one of each of their award winning Gins. The perfect gift for a gin lover to create their own gin flight, or a chance to sample all three of their Gins. 20cl Cuckoo Signature Gin, 20cl Cuckoo Spiced Gin and 20cl Cuckoo Sunshine Gin. Packed in a sturdy carry case with full product information printed on the reverse.

Cuckoo Signature gin - is made with ingredients that are locally sourced and grown on their farm. In the distilling process they use fresh spring water from the artesian aquifer in the field next to our distillery.  Cuckoo is a complex gin with a smooth mouth feel to aid those who like to sip. After a slightly sweet, piney juniper start, the flavour develops into citrus from orange, grapefruit and lemon with a lingering taste of cinnamon spice and liquorice. Dry on the finish with a peppery kick from coriander seeds.

Cuckoo Spiced Gin - still unmistakably Cuckoo Gin in style, but with warming aromatics on the nose and the palate as soon as you take your first taste. This Spiced Sip delivers instant spiced warmth to help with the cold nights! Clove, ginger, cinnamon, fennel and lemongrass are followed by spicy Tellicherry black pepper (considered the finest pepper in the world)  then mellowed with hints of jasmine, fig, rosehips and the unmistakable scent of tonka beans. 

Perfectly serve a 50ml measure with 150ml indian tonic water, rosemary and black pepper. Or, 150ml ginger beer, a sliver of fresh ginger and orange. Always use lots of ice!

Cuckoo Sunshine Gin - "Hello, Sunshine”, that unmistakably enduring Lancashire term used to great a loved one helped inspire their third Cuckoo Gin expression. Working alongside the Bee Centre in Samlesbury, Lancashire, Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is made with natural honey produced on the farm by Lancashire Honeybees.  Honey as a substitute to sugar helps create a smooth and sweet gin and a burst of fruit from raspberries that have been infused provide an instant taste of sunshine! This is a traditionally distilled gin, which is strong on juniper and lemon, almonds and vanilla give a creamy, nutty and sweet taste, whilst angelica, orris, cinnamon and orange keep it nice and traditional.

Serve with lots of ice, your favourite tonic or rose lemonade, fresh raspberries, lemon peel and a sprig of thyme.


41, 42, 43%




Lancashire, England


Dry Gin, Flavoured Gin