Polly's - Fantastic Jazz - 1 Litre Growler Refill

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Let it not be said that we arent a cultured bunch here at Pollys; we love spinning The Birth of Cool, Blues & Roots and Little Girl Blue as much as the next person here in the office day to day. Whilst we'd love to say this had an influence in the naming of this beer, in actuality we named it as a reference to our favourite sketch from The Fast Show - easy come, easy go we guess. Fantastic Jazz is a straight up Polly's IPA, with our brewers playing fast and loose at what they do best. An all-US behemoth of a hop bill in Bru-1, Citra, and both T-90 and Cryo Simcoe takes the stage here, with a big bands worth of mango, grape, and passionfruit notes a plenty. Wrapped up in our bespoke LA3 yeast strain for maximum suspension, we can only describe this in one way - "Niiiice".






North Wales