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We like to remain incredibly humble when it comes to our beers, but we’re in unanimous agreement across the board here that we’ve definitely found our sweet spot with our beers; and in our opinion they’re tasting better than ever before. Rather than shout from the rooftops about it though, we’re content to quietly go about making the best beer we possibly can. Peaceful Groove is an aptly named celebration of this milestone for our brewery, and is an example of our brewers doing exactly what they do best – an IPA just north of the 6% mark, we’ve loaded this beer with some of the hallmarks of our brewing journey to create a beer that is high in the crowd pleasing checkmarks, but with a deep complexity that pushes our beers to be more than one note tricks. Citra, Idaho 7, Nelson and Talus lead the way here, with those juicy pineapple, stonefruit and mango sweet notes, before an undercurrent of rose petals, sticky pine resin and earthy woodiness complete the experience.






North Wales