Staggeringly Good Brewery - VelociRapture Divine NEIPA

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This dual launch is two beers made from the same 'Wort Mother'. Two divine IPA's divided at birth. A big juicy New England IPA and its crisp, delicious West Coast twin. New England IPA Edition 1. We added a small amount of bittering hops just to tame the boil and give a touch of IBU's. 2. At the end of the boil we transferred half the wort into FV 1 with no late addition hops. 3. We added a blend of ESB and New England ale yeast both of which leave a decent amount of sweetness in the final beer. 4. Towards the end of fermentation we added 20g/L of a blend of Idaho 7, BRU-1 and Citra BBC dry hop. 5. We chilled and topped up the carbonation in the beer to 2.3 volumes of CO2 for a soft, squashy mouthfeel ready for canning.